Learn how to upgrade your interior for fall and winter season with stylish wool pillows – indeed, a very Cozy Read + 6 tips on how to use them in your house.

How to cozy up with trendy wool pillows!


Imagine your favorite wool sweater and how it makes you feel cozy and warm on a cold crisp morning. It makes that cup of tea or coffee even more special… And now imagine, that you are sitting in your favorite lounge chair or sofa, or bed, and you are leaning back on a cozy warm pillow that is made of pure wool. I am not talking about a knitted pillow, no.

The material I want to introduce to you is a pure new fool felt, which is basically not knitted and can be used as fabric. It is a beautiful material that, as a bonus, comes with a natural repellency to dirt and dust, thus can be called as hypoallergenic, and it has very easy cleaning regimen.

Wool: a wonderful material with trendy curb appeal.

I started designing and producing wool pillows for interiors because I found this material very fascinating. It is indeed a very trendy material to use in interiors, as it has this wonderful minimalistic texture to it, and, is a great canvas for my signature minimalistic pillow cover designs. It is a wonderful material to work with and wear around the house.

And mind you, I am not mistyping the term “wear around the house” because as I have discovered, the wool pillows are well, very warm, especially when you put one behind your back, like I did in my favorite reading chair. There is something really wonderful about putting my wool socks and a sweater on a cold rainy day and now a pillow behind my back for that extra warmth.

Upgrade your interior look with wool pillows and create hygge.

Interiors of our homes should evoke beautiful moments and feelings that will help us feel protected and cozy. Fire places do that. But frankly, I do not have a fire place and how many of us really do? So I tweak my interior to reflect the season that requires warmth – that requires true hygge.

It is as simple as just changing up a few items in your interior – like a few throw pillows. Light up a few candles, throw in some beautiful fall harvest accessories and you’ve got yourself some serious hygge.

Wool brings timeless quality to the space.

Wool pillows are great additions to any space really. As an interior designer, I always say to my clients that one can never go wrong with natural materials in your interior, even if it is the only natural material that you use. Natural materials are just simply timeless and they bring that quality to the space. This is in fact why one of my wool collections is called “The Old School Collection.” 

Throw a wool pillow even on a modern sofa, or a bed, and you already have effortlessly added that timeless quality to your space. Just look at how this one single wool pillow is the star of Lucie’s bed:

I just love these flannel bedsheets from Zara Home and how they work well with the 50×50 cm wool pillow cover from The Old School Collection.

Tip: Get this look from our guru blogger and interior stylist, Lucie, the.aesthetic.eye


6 tips on how to use wool pillows around the house.

As far as wool goes, for centuries, people would use wool for clothing and home items for its pure and even healing qualities. As interior design progressed through out the years, we started to use wool objects in our modern interiors. Wool interior decor items look especially trendy in modern minimalistic interiors but really add that special character to any interior. And here is how:

(1) Style a corner in a hallway like a this bench.

(2) Throw them on your sofa and enjoy as normal pillows – they are very durable!

(3) Use the larger 65x65cm pillow covers as floor pillows (some of the pillows come with eco leather for more durability and style)

(4) Add them as accessories to soften up your interior.

(5) Style your bed.

(6) Put them in the basket to hide clutter.

More to come: next blog is about styling your house in a cool way for the holidays. Check out the preview of the stockings here.

Renata Piska

Interior designer originally from the USA, currently living in the Czech Republic. My great passion is to create cozy spaces and my love or decorative pillow design has gradually grown from a childhood dream into a reality with a strong place in the market. In addition to Pillow Covers, I also design interiors at @piskainteriros.