My mission

My mission is to simply give you a different kind of experience when you decorate your home. I want to give you many versatile, good quality, contemporary pillow covers, with stylish and fun combinations, that will last in your interiors and give you joy and coziness for a very long time, and, more importantly fit your IKEA pillow inserts! Why? Because this makes things so much easier!

But more importantly, I want my business to support locally sourced workmanship and raw products, and work towards using less resources for production. This is why I have search for the best local seamstresses to work with, who concentrate on creating my pillow cover designs with love and superior craftsmanship. My raw products come from either the Czech Republic, or other EU Countries that produce wonderful textiles for me to work with.

Staying local is very important, especially during the current situation – it brings work locally and it creates less of the unnecessary shipments, travels, and thus waste. 

Help me support our local economy & help you make your homes beautiful!

Make it Cozy with the Room Accessories Pillow Covers!